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Resolved! LIS2DH12 acceleration data not stable

I am using the STM driver to control the LIS2DH12TR accelerometer.The freeRTOS sensor task is as following (checks on return values and variables definitions are removed to simplify the code comprehension): void MEMS_task(void) { lis2dh12_self_te...

LIS3MDLTR Data Ready (DRDY) on INT pin

Hi! I've got a product that we've just made a load of and while building out the firmware I realised that the INT pin on the LIS3MDLTR doesn't (at least according to the datasheet) appear to be able to be configured to show when new data is ready. Th...

gw by Associate II
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Resolved! LIS2DH12

Guys, I ran into a strange problem while debugging LIS2DH12, someone help me. I configured the high-precision mode, using 12 bits, with a range of +-4g, that is, when I placed the table (the chip with the sign facing up, the positive direction descri...

bennanbei_0-1711373762150.png bennanbei_1-1711373806843.png bennanbei_2-1711373822879.png bennanbei_3-1711373830515.png Pro fails verification after programming

Hello,I was having fun with the Pro I bought a month ago. When I reset the device to its factory settings (SensorTile.boxPRO.bin in file using the STM32CubeProgramming tool, the device blinks the red LED once a...

cookao by Associate II
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LSM6DSLTR interrupt configuration

Hi, I am trying to configure interrupt on LSM6DSLTR module but I am not able to get any interrupt on the pin INT1.I am using nrf52 dk for setting interrupt on pin. err_code = nrf_drv_mpu_write_single_register(LSM6DSL_ACC_GYRO_INT1_CTRL, 0x03);if(err_...

yash2530 by Associate II
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ISM330DLC Sensor

I have a question about the FIFO_Pattern.If I have only configured the accelerometer and set the watermark to 1536 samples, meaning 1536/3, which is equivalent to 512 samples (16 bits each sample) for each x, y, and z. And one sample is reading from ...

Resolved! Lis3MDL - SPI multiple IC bus

HiI saw that the CS and I2C enable are on the same pin and also the SPI and I2C CLK and data.Does it means that this component can not be with other SPI IC on the same line? (because when the CS is 1 while talking to other ICs it will be in I2C mode ...

orsamoo by Associate II
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Advice - Helmet Mounted Environment and Motion Sensor

Hello,I am looking for sensors for an upcoming research experiment looking at helmet-mounted motion and environmental sensing and found this article: MEMS Accelerometer Integral To New Helmet-Mounted Impact Sensor | Electronic Design. I am not lookin...

novice by Associate
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