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LIS2DW12 celestial gravity

HelloIf a device using LIS2DW12 is fixed in a fixed position, will it be affected by the gravitational pull of the sun or moon and will the gravitational acceleration of each axis change?

meco by Associate
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Spikes in the LIS2DH12 accelerometer raw data

Spikes are present in the data coming from the LIS2DH12 accelerometer when placed in a casing, but when it is in the open there are no spikes. Attached is an image of the 3 axis data plotted from the accelerometer when placed on the table with casing...

Axis_Plot_closed_and_zreversed.png Axis_Plot_in_air.png

Comparison Between LSM6DS0 and LSM6DS3TR-C

Dear All,I hope this message finds you well.I am reaching out to inquire about the key differences between the LSM6DS0 and LSM6DS3TR-C sensors. Could anyone kindly provide insights into whether the LSM6DS3TR-C offers superior accuracy compared to the...

lsm6DSO32XTR spi pin

Hi everyone,I'm working on setting up an SPI connection between the LSM6DS0x and an MCU. I'd like to clarify the pin configuration for a full-fledged SPI setup to ensure I'm getting the most accurate data.Specifically, I have the following questions:...

dhruvit by Associate
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LSM6DSV16X: wrong WHO_AM_I read on SPI interface

Hello,I am trying to interface a Nordic MCU to a LSM6DSV16X, but I cannot get the communication to work.I am using 2 dev kits for this test setup, a nRF5340-DK and a STEVAL$MKI227KAA I got from the STEVAL-MKI227KA. VDD/VDD_IO are both 3V, CS/SPC/SDI/...


LPS22HB LC_EN (low current mode enable)

Is there any application note or other information available about the LPS22HB's low current mode, as enabled by LC_EN in RES_CONF register? Other than reducing power consumption, what does it do and specifically, how does it affect performance?

tve by Associate II
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