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Resolved! Top Marking information for LPS22HBTR

I couldn't find information about the topmaking for the nano sensor LPS22HB on the datasheet, I need to implement a visual inspection for this IC.Does anyone knows where I can find this info? 

LIS2DTW12 temperature sensor accuracy

Hello everyone,We manufactured about 100 boards for a pre-production run using the LIS2DTW12, and at room temperature, the boards are all over the map with +/-3°C accuracy, nowhere near the "typical" +/-0.8°C as stated in the datasheet.I've already s...

vard by Associate II
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Resolved! Signal delay MEMS Studio BUG

I think signal delay library does not work on MEMS Studio.I made an example code to show temperature values from a nucleo-L476RG and x-nucleo-IKS01A3 setup.The code should show the actual value and a delayed one:But it gives the following error:This ...

aesteban_0-1715168691138.png aesteban_1-1715168772554.png
aesteban by Associate III
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Gain setting for microphones on STWINKT1B

Hi guysI have a couple of questions.I've been using the microphones on STWINKT1B to record some events for about a month now. I've utilized both the FP-SNS-DATALOG1 and FP-SNS-DATALOG2 firmware for data logging. While the digital mic (imp34dt05) deli...

IMU long term stability

Hi,I encountered a problem with a couple of LSM6DSOX employed over 2 years in a mobile Hydraulcs application where the came back to factory for inspection and we saw a significant drift of the offset of the accelerometer (>200mg).Looking at the ASM33...

gioPic97 by Associate
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Resolved! LIS2DW12's sensitivity setting

Hi,I am using LIS2DW12 to detect walking situation of old man.Old man is walking slowly and little moving, In order to detect this small moving, what and how do I set CTRL register you recommend?I have to check continuous moving state....If LIS2DW12 ...

Paul.Lee by Associate III
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