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Resolved! LIS2DTW12 IC of z axis acceleration in FIFO mode

HelloI would like to configure for z axis acceleration in LIS2DTW12 IC and read the data in FIFO mode. Kindly take a look at the below code for which i have configured as FIFO mode and 5 samples of data in that. let me know any correction!​​int main(...

ggowd.1 by Associate III
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"Relative" heading without calibration?

HelloI’m work on a project where it is necessary to detect if unit has moved and/or rotated. The unit (battery powered and wireless) is eg. placed on the floor and needs to be placed with same heading if it is picked up and put back up on floor withi...

TStee.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32G474RE Internal temperature sensor returning very low value

HiI am trying to make work the internal temperature sensor from a STM32G474RE and it seems to return a low value... 11.14 celsius degrees.This is the code I am using:#define TS_CAL1_ADDR ((uint16_t*) ((uint32_t)0x1FFF75A8)) #define TS_CAL2_ADDR ((uin...

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RPG by Senior
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LIS2DW12 Bias issue

Hi MEMS experts,I am using LIS2DW12 to measure the movement with very rough distance.I tested it by measuring the X-axis only, but it seems to be biased to positive direction.I mean, Moving it to the positive direction : it starts having the + accele...

On IIS2MDC, can I read X,Y,Z, and temperature from I2C in 1 sequence or is there something than requires separate reads between axis and temperature data??

I have the IIS2MDC along with LSM6DSL accel / gyro on a board with stm32L451 uC. Accel / gyro work fine. uC reads status byte then if any axis has new data ready it reads all from temp to accel (0x20-0x2d) in 1 ST hal fn call multi byte read: HAL_I...

CClen by Associate
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