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imu data synchronization




I'm working with the lsm6do. The lsm6dso is configured to 6,67kHz sampling rate of both, acceleration and gyro data. The INT1 pin will be set if gyro and/or acc data is available (INT1_CTRL = 0x03). In my application I'm polling the int1 pin (every 60us) and if int1 is set, I'm start reading from the status register (0x1E) till the acceleration z data (including 0x2D). I've set the BDU bit and auto increment.

Without the second sample, I always get the results (gyro and acc) at the same time. Are the GDA and XLDA bits always set together?

Is there any synchronisation between the acc and gyro data or sampling start/end?


I can't find any information about the synchronization inside the documentation

I've done some tests and it seems like the first time the int1 pin is set I get both acc and gyro date. The second time the int1 pin is set I only get gyro data. And all the following times I get both, acc and gyro data. This behavior let me struggle a little bit, because without the second sample it seems to be synchronized....


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