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LSM6DSR use FIFO mode read data failed


I use LSM6DSR,  I set Accelerometer ODR selection can read data, but i choose fifo mode to read data, i don't read data, i set CTRL3_C is 0x01, CTRL1_XL is 0x50,  CTRL3_C is 0x40, CTRL5_C is 0x20, CTRL9_XL is 0xf8, INT1_CTRL is 0x01, INT2_CTRL is 0x08, CTRL6_C is 0xc8,  FIFO_CTRL1 is 0xc8, FIFO_CTRL2 is 0x90, FIFO_CTRL3 is 0x05, FIFO_CTRL4 is 0xf6, Is there something wrong with my settings? 

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @sunyu ,

You can try to follow this official example on github.

Let me know if this solves.

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