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Android HAL for LSM6DSOX sensor


Hello experts,

I am using rock chip board with android 12 on it along with the sensor lsm6dsox connected on i2c2.
I have added the driver and compile the Linux and then build android images.
After booting I can see device is detected on i2c and probed successfully, now when I tried to get the same sensors list at android level I get 0 sensor device listed.

below are the probe logs
rk3568_s:/ # logcat | grep lsm
01-01 12:00:00.830 0 0 I st_lsm6dsox_i2c 2-006b: Linked as a consumer to regulator.17
01-01 12:00:00.831 0 0 I st_lsm6dsox_i2c 2-006b: Freq Fine -262 (ts 25262)
01-01 12:00:03.552 0 0 I st_lsm6dsox_i2c 2-006b: MLC loaded (1) MLC 1 FSM 00
01-01 12:00:03.556 0 0 I st_lsm6dsox_i2c 2-006b: Device probed

After checking online I get below link from support team

I followed the same link with multi-hal configuration as well as with HIDL configuration but no sensor is listed in dumsys sensorservice

rk3568_s:/ # dumpsys sensorservice
No Sensors on the device
devInitCheck : 0

Can you please help me to setup the HAL layer in my andoird 12.
you help is much appreciated, thank you in advance......


hi All,
can anyone checked this issue ....?