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vl6180x is always busy in single shot reading mode

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 13:21After sending 'single shot reading mode' command (sending 0x01 to register 0x0018), I check 'RESULT_INTERRUPT_STATUS_GPIO' register at 0x04F and always read 0x00 that means it is busy.I replaced vl6180x with a new...

cem kar by Associate
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Resolved! MCU gets stuck at MotionAW_Initialize

Hi,I try to test the MotionAW algorithm, but the MCU gets stuck at MotionAW_Initialize()I use STM32L476QE, with IAR version 8.22 (DSP is enabled in the project settings as well as FPU).I added MotionAW200_CM4F_IAR8_ot.a and motion_aw.h to the project...

lis2dw12 is not sending device id

Hi All,I'm facing some strange issue with LIS2DW12 sensor. I tried to read device ID from the sensor, most of the time its sends the device ID but some time it sends 0xFF. I'm not able to figure it out why sensor sending 0xFF. I checked the clock...

LIS2DW12 sensor FIFO not working properly

Hi,We are using sensor LI2DW sensor in our project. Sensor is connected to MC using SPI interface. We have configured the device as below.fifo en 0x3fodr sample rate : 50 hz.we are reading data every 500 msec, so we are expecting 25 - 26 samples of x...

Read data from gyroscope LSM6DSO using IKS01A1

I'm trying to read data from gyroscope. I set ctrl2_g and I'm trying to read 6 bytes from register address 22h. But in result I receive only 0 values. /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */   LSM6DSO_CTRL2_G(&hi2c1, LSM6DSO_CTRL2_G_ODR_XL_833Hz, LSM6DSO_CTRL2_G_...

AJab� by Associate II
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Accelermometer Range setting in ISM330DLC

Hi All,I am working on a project that is using ISM330DLC sensor for measuring the acceleration along the X,Y and Z-axis. When I set range 2G,4G and 8G I'm seeing difference in the sensor raw value and when I set it to 16G, I'm getting same data as 8G...