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Resolved! ILPS28QSW o-ring

Hi,I'm having a hard time to find a supplier for an o-ring to get the ILPS28QSW sensor waterproof.In AN5937 ST mentioned they use an o-ring with: ID 1.8mm, thickness 0.5mm (see picture below)Does anyone here know any supplier who make these, or have ...

nibbler_0-1704796396318.png ILPS28QSW_size.png
nibbler by Associate
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Unico_GUI Board Detection and Input Data Formatting

Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone had some insight into what the Unico-GUI is looking for to identify a board before it makes a connection. Is it simply looking for a specific formatting of serial output information or does it need to identify t...

Resolved! STEVAL-MKI109V3 Doesn't Work and can't update

I just received the STEVAL-MKI109V3 kit and it appears to be useless so far.The Unico-GUI tool sees the main board but cannot see the sensor plugged into it. I measured the VDD_DUT and VDDDIO_DUT nets and there is no voltage. But maybe that is suppos...

kb9nate by Associate
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False step counts in LSM6DSOX when travelling in vehicles.

Hi,We are using LSM6dsox for motion detection and as pedometer. The step counter value gets incremented when travelling in vehicles. FP_REJECTION and ADVANCE DETECTION is not enabled because the current consumption is very high when we enable the MLC...

VPrad.2 by Associate
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STM32F407G-disc1 accelerometer wrong readings

I have a STM32F407G-disc1 board and i have been trying to get readings from its onboard accelerometer LIS3DSH using bsp library of Stm32F4 Discovery. The initialization went fine but the accel readings didnt make any sense. Here's some of my code:   ...

Sensor Fusion Performance of LSM6DSV16X

Hi all, I am trying to program my LSM6DSV16X sensor to operate with its embedded SFLP capabilities. The datasheet for the sensor describes there being three sensor fusion performance operating regions: static accuracy, low dynamic accuracy, and high ...



Hi,I'm building a program to continuously get data from accelerometer LSM6DS3I'm writing in Micropython under a PYboard v1.1 over its SPI (speed 525000kbits/s)I want to log continuously log gyro and accelerometer to sd cardTo debug, I have configured...

L77d by Associate II
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Resolved! IIS3DWB Question about Reading Multiple Data from FIFO

I am using the IIS3DWB sensor and have a question about reading data from the FIFO.Currently, I use the following function to retrieve one set of x, y, z values at a time:int32_t iis3dwb_fifo_out_raw_get(stmdev_ctx_t *ctx, uint8_t *buff){int32_t ret;...

HKim.23 by Associate III
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