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Trying to program STEVAL-IDP005V2

Hello,I'm trying to program the STEVAL-IDP005V2 with the stlink mini v3.The problem is that i don't have any power on the board.The St-Link V3 mini is powered by USB, and the power don't go to the STEVAL board.Even when i try to power it through the ...

LMarg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! BNO055 not Working with STM32F446RET6

We have all SMT circuit which has BNO055 and STM32F446RET6. Currently our BNO on is not working. All we did was making our GPS module smt in our new version of our circuit and it stopped working. Is it because of our GPS module? Or it can be someth...

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IAtam.1 by Associate II
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ST BLE Sensor App - Android - Sensor fusion

Does the ST BLE Sensor provided on github has the rotating cube code?Do the inputs provided to the rotating cube is coming from the sensor-fusion running on the embedded device or on the App side?Can you please point the code and the source files whi...

darla14 by Senior
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Resolved! Tremendous problems in sourcing ST MEMS parts

We Ordered > 100k parts at the start of February this year: My distributor (EBV) is not even getting a confirmation date, and if something is given by ST, it is far in 2022. (Date today is August 13)ST, what is going on here? Please explain and infor...

MSimo.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! I need to interface STM32 with SMI230 (Bosch's IMU sensor

Hello,I need to interface STM32 with SMI230 IMU sensor is there any libraries or driver for programming, I have found the linux driver for the SMI230, in my use case i am going to use STM32 MCU which cannot run linux OS, so "I need a driver which us...

BM.5 by Associate
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