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Why pull up resistance is mentioned as 10kohm in LiS3DH electrical connection in the data sheet as the maximum value of pull up resistance is 2.95 kohm and the minimum value of pull up resistance is 0.96 kohm acc to I2C bus pull up resistor calculation?

Associate II

Considered standard bus capacitance for the resistor calculation is 400 pF.


The 10K's are arbitrary, presumably to a bus arrangement which is short and direct, and without a lot of capacitive load.That the SCL/SDA are open-collector/drain, and in I2C mode need a pull-up, to get to the high-state.

Yes, 2K7 might be more appropriate, the rising edges will be faster, and more current is involved. Might be appropriate if there's a lot of wire and inter-board connectivity.


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