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Comparison Between LSM6DS0 and LSM6DS3TR-C

Dear All,I hope this message finds you well.I am reaching out to inquire about the key differences between the LSM6DS0 and LSM6DS3TR-C sensors. Could anyone kindly provide insights into whether the LSM6DS3TR-C offers superior accuracy compared to the... Pro and External Power Supply

Hi,I want to run an application for a week. This video says the battery life is 10 hours: Question:Can I use an external power supply like this and set it to 5v: Connect it's bar...

Unico Merging of FSM and MLC

Hi ST Community,I currently have FSM and an MLC .ucf files. I have followed the instructions in DT0147 "Advanced design tips for the machine learning core and finite state machine using Unico-GUI", and have attempted to merge the FSM and MLC files in...

jspear by Associate II
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External Voltage for STEVAL-STWINKT1B

Hi, I am working with the STEVAL-STWINKT1B. I want to use it with an external voltage coming through J5 connector. But when I plug it nothing happens. I don't know why, if someone can help me it will be appreciate thanks !

VCHAR.1 by ST Employee
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hello,     i'm working on ASM330LHH IMU sensor, here raw value is continuously fluctuating even sensor is in untouch condition(fluctuation is between -1 to 6). is it possible to make it zero? so how can i stop this fluctuation. plz share suggetions o...

Detecting fast Z movement on LIS2DW12

Hello,I have code working well on the LIS2DH12 that I'm having trouble porting to a LIS2DW12. Unfortunately my new supplier only has boards with the LIS2DW12 and not the H12 so I have to port over my detection code to it. I have a sensor connected to...

nemik by Associate
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Gain setting for microphones on STWINKT1B

Hi guysI have a couple of questions.I've been using the microphones on STWINKT1B to record some events for about a month now. I've utilized both the FP-SNS-DATALOG1 and FP-SNS-DATALOG2 firmware for data logging. While the digital mic (imp34dt05) deli...


Hi guysI'm pretty new to the ST world. Just got my hands on an STWINKT1B, hoping to dive into its ultrasonic sound detection features. I spent today tinkering with it, trying to wrap my head around how it all works.So, I've got STM32CubeProgrammer in...

X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB computed SHA256 hash wrong

Hello,I would like to use the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB to calculate a SHA256 with a key. My implementation or the example HMAC_SHA2_AuthenticateVerify works in STM32CubeIDE 1.13.1 for an STM32L432KCU microcontroller.Source:

Martin42 by Associate III
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i2s driver audio chip

Hello, I am a student. I want to use I2S through STM32L051K8U6N to complete the acquisition of the MP34DT04 sensor, but I have not found any information about libPDMFilter_CM4F_Keil.lib, keil library and IAR library similar to this. If it is convenie...

Daqiang by Associate
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