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Detecting fast Z movement on LIS2DW12

Hello,I have code working well on the LIS2DH12 that I'm having trouble porting to a LIS2DW12. Unfortunately my new supplier only has boards with the LIS2DW12 and not the H12 so I have to port over my detection code to it. I have a sensor connected to...

nemik by Associate
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Hi guysI'm pretty new to the ST world. Just got my hands on an STWINKT1B, hoping to dive into its ultrasonic sound detection features. I spent today tinkering with it, trying to wrap my head around how it all works.So, I've got STM32CubeProgrammer in...

X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB computed SHA256 hash wrong

Hello,I would like to use the X-CUBE-CRYPTOLIB to calculate a SHA256 with a key. My implementation or the example HMAC_SHA2_AuthenticateVerify works in STM32CubeIDE 1.13.1 for an STM32L432KCU microcontroller.Source:

Martin42 by Associate III
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i2s driver audio chip

Hello, I am a student. I want to use I2S through STM32L051K8U6N to complete the acquisition of the MP34DT04 sensor, but I have not found any information about libPDMFilter_CM4F_Keil.lib, keil library and IAR library similar to this. If it is convenie...

Daqiang by Associate
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ST BLE Sensor DTDL model

Hi,I'm using ST BLE Sensor combined with ST BLE Box for mine BLE application testing. I'm really pleased with it and I even adopted mine Services/Charactersitics to match the BlueST protocol. I wanted to go further and add custom parameters using ADD...


IMU sensor

hello,i'm working on ASM330LHH imu sensor, right now i'm write code for gyroscope. when receving gyroscope data that time output is fluctuating without moving sensor, so how can stop this fluctuation please tell me procedure and most accqurate intili...

LIS2DH12 Z-axis value is reported with the opposite sign

Hi,I've been working with the LIS2DH12 sensor for quite some time, primarily utilizing the X and Y axes without any issues. However, for a new project, I also need to incorporate the Z-axis. I've noticed that while the acceleration values reported ar...

LJimé.1 by Associate II
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LIS344ALH Pspice model

Hello everyoneI need to have the pspice model of LIS344ALH (i know that this product is not longer available)I try do it with the datasheet but i don't have enought infoCan someone help with it ? Thanks

fru999 by Associate II
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