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Resolved! how to reset sensortile, which is soldered to cradle borad

I am using STEVAL-STLKT01V1 kit for my project. i got the sensortile solered on cradle expansion. earlier i was able to configure it using stm32cubeprogrammer using readymade applications like audioLoop, etc. but now i don't know what have i done the...

Pchau.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! temperature impact over gyroscope zero-level offset

Hi,I'm using the LSM6DS33 MEMS and found that in different temperatures the zero-level offset of the device gyroscope changes significantly.I recorded several recordings while the device is static, and found that consistently when the temperature inc...

MSham.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem programming the sensortile with Nucleo

I have recently got a brand new Sensortile and a nucleo L476RG. I checked if the tile was working by connecting the tile to the cradle expansion board (STLCX01V1) and using the bluetooth app from ST (STBLESensor). The system worked and I could view d...

SSaha.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Always getting ERROR when reading MLX90393 data.

Hi,I try to use MLX90393 with my STM32-F4 DISC board on SPI2. I can communicate with it, read and write non volatile memory, he responds to me.The steps that I'm doing are:Go to Single Measurment mode ( 0x3F )Send Read Measurment command ( 0x4F) Read...

bmak by Senior
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How to get the LSM9DS1 recommended power-up sequence?

Hi, I am reading the datasheet of LSM9DS1 and it says that there are two times (rise and wait) you should respectI was thinking in a sequencer IC but if we see the schematic of the LSM9DS1 evaluation board (STEVAL-MKI159V1) it does not use any kind o...

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