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Resolved! Values for lm6dsox acc values in non movement state?

HelloIm using steval mksbox 1vs1 for vibration analysis. I have taken measurements with motor in movement and withe the motor stopped. At first I supose that with the motor in stop mode, the acc values in the 3 axis should be near to 0. In other thre...

NMart.1 by Associate III
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Always High vibration in Z axis IIS3DWB accelerometer

I have got 2 new IIS3Dwb IC from same lot , I made custom PCB for those, connected to shaker and getting acceleration values and showing it through my own developed application.Problem: Z axis seems defecting /sensitive much higher than x and y axis ...

0693W00000Bd1XXQAZ.jpg 0693W00000Bd1TVQAZ.jpg 0693W00000Bd1UiQAJ.jpg 0693W00000Bd1TuQAJ.jpg
SMaju.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Trigger delay in Machine Learning Core feature detection

Hello,I’ve been trying to figure out how fast the machine learning core on the LSM6DSOX can generate an output once the condition for the change has occurred. I am working on a design where feature detection is needed in less than 50ms. I am using th...

EC.2 by Associate II
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trying to interface with an HX711 load cell amp

The HX711 requires the MCU to send an exact number of clock pulses to capture a 24 bit value, then the clock signal must remain low until the HX711 indicates its ready to transmit again, using the data line. I tried to use a GPIO pin to generate the ...

GrantW by Associate II
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I am working with DatalogFusion application and I can see the parameters quaternion, rotation,gravity,linear_acceleration,...Assuming the errors of this kind of measurements, Wich is the best option to estimate the 2D position for a vehicle, using t...

RBAGU.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STEVAL-STWINKT1 ML ON Microprocessor not ISM330DHCLX

I have a STEVAL-STWINKT1 board and I want to create a ML algorithm for the board to conduct predictive maintenance. However, I want my ML algorithm to run on the microprocessor and not on the ISM330DHCLX sensor. This is because, I realized that the I...

NRaha.1 by Associate II
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