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LIS2DTW12 Threshold setting

Hello,I read the application note related to the LIS2DW12 (AN5038) and the point 6.5 confused me : On the table is recommended to set FTH_THS at 8 if the ODR is 200 Hz and I2C is running at 100KHz.A sample of 3 acceleration (6 bytes) is read in 830 ...

RStra by Associate III
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HTS221 Incorrect Temperatures / Calibration (T0_OUT = 0)

Hi,I'm having an problem whereby I believe the temperature readings from an HTS221 device are incorrect. They seems to be around 5degC too high compared to reference temp. I'm using a Nest thermostat as the reference, and while this may not be calibr...

Simon Sq by Associate III
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Resolved! I got the MLC working on the lsm6dsox. But when i enable stepcount on FIFO my MLC stops working ? these are the 3 lines , is there anyway i can use MLC and stepcount? or will i have to make my own step count tree?

/* Start Machine Learning Core configuration */    for (uint32_t i = 0; i                               sizeof(ucf_line_t));         i++)    {        lsm6dsox_write_reg(p_lsm6dsox, lsm6dsox_MLC[i].address,                           (uint8_t *)&lsm6ds...

MJurk.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Hi. I'm trying to make a very slight modification to the SensorTile_ALLMEMS1 project. I want to be able to read the ACC_GYRO_MAG char value over BLE.

In the sensor_service.c source file, I add the char_prop_read flag in the below, but now the SensorTile does not even start BLE properly. Any help is appreciated.starting at line 1074, COPY_ACC_GYRO_MAG_W2ST_CHAR_UUID(uuid); ret = aci_gatt_add_char(...

MCoop.1 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSL data not correct

Lsm6dsl reads out the data, and the z-axis data is always biased. When the acceleration range is set to 2G, it is placed vertically on the ground, and the z-axis is upward. The data is:Acceleration [mg]:30.68 106.32 1998.60the z-axis is down​Accelera...

oning.1 by Associate
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MotionDI precision issue when translating the sensor

I'm using the MotionDI "dynamic inclinometer" library with a LSM6DSOX (on a NUCLEO-L476RG). The rotation computed by the library looks right as long as the sensor remains stationary. But when I translate the sensor, there is a temporary but significa...

paul19 by Associate III
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