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Resolved! Good night. I have a LIS2DH12TR over an ATSAML21E17B. I´m reading the values of axis (x,y,x) transforming the values to degres (from -90º to 90º) but I need degrees from 0 to 360. I have tested a lot of formulas but nothing. Any idea? Ty.

This is the configuration of accelerometer:// Enable Block Data Update lis2dh12_block_data_update_set(&dev_ctx, PROPERTY_DISABLE); // Set Output Data Rate lis2dh12_data_rate_set(&dev_ctx, LIS2DH12_ODR_100Hz); // Set full scale lis2dh12_full_scale_set...

Ja by Associate
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Resolved! For, how to use ble physical peripherals to transfer data to the computer when Android studio is used to simulate the smartphone platform? Does st have this ble physical peripheral for sale? Where can I find this equipment?

Can you describe in more detail the problem of running Android studio to simulate the smartphone platform? Can this method really be realized? Are there any detailed connection steps and suggestions? Can you give me some more specific suggestions. th...

Ljiah.1 by Associate II
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