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Resolved! not connecting

Hello, I had a problem while transfering one of available Demos for my (STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1) , probably a battery issue, and data transfer wasn't complete. After it, app find TILEBOX but don't connect. Is there a way to reset it to defaul...

RUrio.872 by Associate II
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Dear Sir. I am using LSM6DSL , configure 2g 416 odr.

I am using LSM6DSL , configure 2g 416 odr.I read the accelerometer once every 1 sec without using CTRL1_XL register.I get y axis changes from -378 to -152 , Result about 2 degrees change..Is the output of acc x,y,z valid between ODR reads ?

EOved.1 by Associate II
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How to implement repeated start for I2C?

Hi all,i have to readout temperature and humidity of a dhc3021 sensor. Therefore, an Arduino code section is already given: Wire.beginTransmission(HDC_ADDR); // Readout temp and rh data Wire.write(0xE0); Wire.write(0x00); Wire.endTransmission(fa...

NGros by Associate III
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I am using MotionDI library with sensortile (STEVAL-STLKT01V1).I modified the existing 'DataLog' application to include MotionDI_update function. But the MotionDI_update function halts after giving the rotation and acceleration once. How to resolve this?

rptr = evt.value.p;   if(LoggingInterface == USB_Datalog) { /*** Using Dynamic Inclinometer algorithm ***/ //Timer_OR_DataRate_Interrupt_Handler() //{ MDI_input_t data_in; MDI_output_t data_out; /* ...

QAbba.1 by Associate II
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