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LIS2DW internal Anti-Aliasing filter 1. what order of filter is Anti-Aliasing filter? what's the cutoff frequency of attenuation band? What is the attenuation in the stopband?what's sample rate of internal ADC?

Backgroud: i'm hardware engineer and work for SKF. we used your Lis2DW in our product to test speed of metro.Issue: we found some noise siganl or high Freq. aliasing add in collected data in low frequency. In LIS2DW user guide manual, i find some dec...

vwu.11 by Associate II
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[lis2dh12/lis2dw12] INT1 signal too low/no signal output

Hi guys,I am currently working on a project with lis2dw12 tap and orientation interrupt. I have come across an issue of INT1 output.I have tested the INT1 output signal with the code below:#include "lis2dh_reg.h"   void lis2dh_int_test(stmdev_ctx_t d...

wai.1 by Associate
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I have edited the real-time 'DataLog' application provided in STSW-STLKT01_V2.5.0 to include the MotionDI_update function. However, my code hangs after I get the tilt and acceleration values for the first time. How to solve this?

int main(void) { HAL_Init();   /* Configure the System clock to 80 MHz */ SystemClock_Config(); MX_GPIO_Init(); MX_DMA_Init();   MX_CRC_Init(); MX_RTC_Init();   MotionDI_Initialize(&freq); /* Optional: Get version */ //...

QAbba.1 by Associate II
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Does the INTERNAL_FREQ_FINE register of ASM330LHH indicate that there is a frequency deviation? In this case, how should it be used under the standard time interval algorithm requirements?

Hello, may I ask whether the INTERNAL_FREQ_FINE register was written before delivery?Can it be understood that the actual data frequency of each ASM330LHH IC is different?My project will use many same sensors to collect acceleration and gyroscope at ...

wb.2 by Associate
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Resolved! not connecting

Hello, I had a problem while transfering one of available Demos for my (STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1) , probably a battery issue, and data transfer wasn't complete. After it, app find TILEBOX but don't connect. Is there a way to reset it to defaul...

RUrio.872 by Associate II
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