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STM32H750 CubeIde MPU setting ignored

Hello, I am trying to get Ethernet working, I don't like HAL, switched all is possible to LL library. @Piranha​ Hi, if this is a bug please add to your report if someone try use LL configuring Ethernet. Platform LinuxCUBEIDE Version: 1.7.0STM32Cube_F...

RRoma.4 by Associate II
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Target is not responding, retrying.. Issues ?

Hai.....,I am using STM32H743IIT6 custom Board and CubeIDE. Run the code after download it showing "Target not responding retrying......." and again try to download the same code in MCU i couldn't download, It show "Error in initializing ST-LINK de...

GMano.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How it is possible to use GDB with FreeRTOS support?

Hello!I need to debug multiple tasks but when I try to enable FreeRTOS support (Debug configurations/Debug/Enable RTOS proxy/FreeRTOS+ARM_CM7) I can't connect to my MCU (STM32H743) with a message box saying "Could not verify ST device" while console ...

ktrofimo by Senior III
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CubeIDE open declaration leads to file.h

Hi everybody.Im using cubeide for a dual core mcu and when it generate code F3 keyboard button that opens declaration for that function will lead to the .h file. I want it to lead to the .c file.Once i did some changes to project properties c/c++ sym...

After restart device UART_3 printing some rubbish ţ˙ţţţţţţţţüţüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüü

Dear,Microcontroler STM32H742 (stm32CubeIDE)When i plug out and plug in device, this printing on UART_3:ţ˙ţţţţţţţţüţüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüor:ţNVT: FF FE FEţţ{FF}i this problem was not watched on same device with stm32F205(Rowley crossworks).I clear all b...

KWiśn.2 by Associate II
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