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Resolved! New STM32Project that uses Low Level drivers

STM32CubeIDE 1.12STM32G0B0RE microWe have an older Cube project from a STM32F0 series that needs to be changed to the larger STM32G0B0 chip. We thought that we would just create a new project with the new micro and port in the older code. When we cre...


Resolved! stm32g0b1 usb host (MSC) flash drive not working

I have a STM32G0B1VET on a test board and tried to use its USB host function to connect a flash drive. It just stuck at the function of "USBH_MSC_SCSI_Inquiry" in file "usbh_msc_scsi.c". It can't pass  the state of below:case BOT_CMD_WAIT:   error = ...

Resolved! Debugger exit immediately

Hello, I have a problem with debugger connection.The first time I had no problems in connecting and debugging my application, but the next times the debugger connects and exit immediately.I have already tried to close/relaunch STM32CubeIDE, disconnec...

CTabo.1 by Senior
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Help using SWD and NRST as GPIO safely - STM32G031

Hi, so I've chosen to use STM32G031J6M6 8-pin version for an audio level meter project to get me started. I'm using pin 1 as the adc input, 2 and 3 are 3v3 and gnd, obviously. I was hoping to use the remaining 5 pins as GPIO outputs attached to LEDs ...

NGD by Associate II
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Resolved! How could I do to fix that error in STM32CubeIDE?

Hello!!!I found this code in GitHub: think this code could be useful for my project. When I build, no error occurs.But when I'll record in microcontroller with debug appears that error.Please, somebody...

CVSta by Associate III
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Does STM32G070RBT6 MCU support USART(RS-232) software (XON/XOFF) flow control by default? If not, then after enabling HW flow control using .ioc file is there anything else that I will have to do to get the Hw flow control working?

I am using USART2 in DMA mode for Tx/Rx. I have attached the USART configuration after enabling HW flow control CTS/RTS. Are the configurations corrrect or do I have to modify anything?

AYada.8 by Associate
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