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STM32L476 EEPROM Emulation

I have followed the eeprom emulation described in X-CUBE-EEPROM expansion the solution was written using the old STM32 standard API. Does somebody knows about an EEPROM Emulation solution t...

RLeva.1 by Associate
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Why duty cycle of I2C not 50% ?

Hi. I am using STM32L031 for my project. And I am using I2C to read eeprom. It is reading eeprom properly but if you see duty cycle on SCL(red one in the pic below), it is not 50%.My I2C spped is 400kHz. ON time I get is 750ns and OFF time is 1.96us....


Resolved! EEPROM in STM32CUbe IDE

Hi, I had requirement of storing some application data in to EEPROM of MCU.I am using STM32L151RCT6 MCU for my application.Please suggest me any tried examples on this?

MBhir.11 by Associate III
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