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HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit_IT error in the Hal lib?

I am using the HAL library generated with the STM32CUbeIDE for controlling a I2C sensor.With the demoboard nucleo stm32l031k6I am using the HAL interrupt master transmit functionbut the byte’s send aren't the ones that I attach.While debugging I see ...

I2C Slave “Repeated Start�? Callback?

STM32F105, HCLK=72MHz, HAL Ver, SCL = 100KHzIs there a “Repeated Start�? HAL callback? I couldn’t find any direct reference but does the STM32 I2C peripheral know when this occurs and set a status bit somewhere?In my application, I can’t allo...

No rule to make target

Hi, All I am new to use STM IC. have the following question. please help.1) Nucleo-c0316C, cubeIde Version: 1.12.12) import CubeIDE example I2C_TwoBoards_AdvComIT. that worked fine3) changed the I2C address from 0x3E to 0x78 build all. then 13:20:5...


Resolved! STM32_I2C_BMP_280

Hello Everyone, I am trying to interface BMP280 sensor using I2C with STM32F401 Discovery Board. My code gets compiled without any error and i have declared two global variable, Temperature and Pressure . when i debug using ST Link GDB sever I cannot...

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Resolved! How would you go about adding the version and 8 characters of the git hash to the hexfile name so we can also access it in the program?

Say we have a STM32 project called Foo. When it is compiled, it generates an intel hex file called Foo.hex that we can use to upgrade the file in the field. That is easy. What we would like to do as add the version say 10.1 or 10_1 and the last 8 di...