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Unable to use SWV Data Trace Timeline Graph

Hello,I want to use SWV Data Trace Timeline Graph but when I try to open "Configure trace" option, nothing happens, not a single window is being opened etc. Is it some kind of bug, does it have a solution? Thanks in advance.My IDE and other informati...

ozzdemir by Associate II
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Live expressions not showing

I have a problem with showing live expressions. They worked on a previous project but now that I created a new one and copied the code to it, they are not showing anymore.Any idea what could be the issue?

PPopo.1 by Associate II
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HardFault Debug in STM32CubeIDE

Some time ago, I was getting a Hardfault in a STM32F103 baremetal firmware. Even posted the question here, but I wasnt able to fix it. So, I moved to FreeRTOS-CMSIS, not to get rid of the problem, I was moving anyway. I'm still with this issue.I thin...

rrnicolay by Associate II
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Still fighting to setup SWO trace on STM32H7

Hello,A few months ago I tried without success to setup ITM on a STM32H753I-EVAL2 board (and STM32CubeIDE). Now I'm trying again. There is a precise point I'm not sure about: the signal SWO is multiplexed on GPIO PB3, so I have to setup PB3 with alte...

Gpeti by Senior II
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Resolved! Debugger exit immediately

Hello, I have a problem with debugger connection.The first time I had no problems in connecting and debugging my application, but the next times the debugger connects and exit immediately.I have already tried to close/relaunch STM32CubeIDE, disconnec...

CTabo.1 by Associate III
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Trace SWO output in non-debug mode

I've successfully configured the SWO trace output and read the prints in STM32CUBE IDE -> SWV ITM Data Console. I see these prints are working in debug mode. Do STM32 chip (ARM Core) prints the same in non-debug mode (application mode)? If yes, how t...

VMuth.3 by Associate II
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