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Resolved! Delayed interrupts during FMC access on stm32h7 ?

tested on nucleo stm32h723 board with STM32CubeIDE (only main.c is modified)What does this example?Timer3 triggers an interrupt every 40 microseconds. The interrupt toggles PC8 for ~2ms. Additionally we trigger a FMC data transfer every second for 10...

UBart.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use STM32F407 FSMC memory ?

Hi,I'm working in a project that contains large data need to be processed by using stm32f407 Disc1. I facing issue with RAM overflow so, I need to use external ram by using FSMC.what is the large size of external ram that I can use it? , Is this exte...

MHass.2 by Associate III
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problem of QSPI as flash memory and FMC as data memory.

hi...i want to make a project using QSPI external flash memory to run a code, and FMC SDRAM as data memory... how to do that? i have try FMC SDRAM as Data Memory example project from STM32F746-Disco FW package and debug it using external loader and c...

Lpria.1 by Associate II
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