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SPI Receive interrupt callback not being called

I designed a breakout board for the STM32F401CEU6. (Schematic attached)I am using it to receive data from an ADC chip over SPI.The ADC chip has a data ready output which should be used as an interrupt pin to let the MCU know there is data available t...

MO'Su by Associate
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Resolved! [STM32F411E-Discovery Board] HAL_RCC_OscConfig() always returns HSE_TIMEOUT while waiting for HSE to be ready and I can't figure out why. All peripherals are initialized to default Mode.

Using STM32CubeIDE v1.6.1 on MacOS 11.3.1Steps to reproduce:Create a new STM32 project.Board Selector -> Select STM32F411E-DiscoName project, leave everything else as default, hit finish.Initialize all peripherals with their default Mode? YesDebug as...

DNguy.9 by Associate II
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Unable to use SWV Data Trace Timeline Graph

Hello,I want to use SWV Data Trace Timeline Graph but when I try to open "Configure trace" option, nothing happens, not a single window is being opened etc. Is it some kind of bug, does it have a solution? Thanks in advance.My IDE and other informati...

ozzdemir by Associate II
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