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Issue with running L152 discovery board + example.

I flashed the STM32 L152 discovery board with Cube IDE. I assume that if I run/debug the project with board plugged in, it will automatically upload the firmware. However, it shows as File download completeTime elapsed during download operation: 00:0...

ESHEE.1 by Associate
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Resolved! I don't understand how I can import an example from a MCU package extension, like STM32Cube MCU Package for STM32L1 series, to STM32CubeIDE environment.

If I try to use the import comand, from File menu of STM32CubeIDE, to load an example selecting "import STM32Cube example" option I can't load a project only available in source form. The window that open, were we have a list of available projects fo...

MStef.1 by Associate II
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Errors in the configurator of the STM32CubeIDE for microcontroller STM32L100RB. (Not observed for STM32F103, etc.) (Low Layer only)

Ubuntu STM32CubeIDE 1.8/1.7File -> New -> STM32 ProjectChoose STM32L100RB -> Next -> Project Name : "removeMe2" -> FinishIn Device Configuration Tool:  Pinout&Configuration -> Connectivity -> SPI1 -> Mode: Full Duplex Master  Project Manager -> Advan...

ATret.3 by Associate II
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Firmware upgrade through Y modem

Hi , i am new to some of the peripherals of STM32 controllers...I am using STM32L151RCT6 MCU in STMCube IDE for my application..My requirement is like i need to receive the new firmware binary file via Y modem and need to write into the flash and nee...

MBhir.11 by Associate III
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How to get 12 sec time using RTC

Hi ,I not used RTC earlier and new to RTC.I am using STM32L151RCT6 MCU and creating the project in STM32Cube IDE.what are the settings i need to do to get RTC timing of 12 sec..I searched and got some information about alarm time setting and alarm in...

MBhir.11 by Associate III
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