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Resolved! How to open Keil Project to STM32cube IDE?

I am not a programmer and beginner in Embedded software, I recieve a keil project from another person. I need to change some parameters in the project. I have STM32cube IDE with debugger. So how to open the keil project with its file to STM32cube IDE...

TReaz.1 by Associate II
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Keil vs STM ide

Dear ST Hello,What is the advantage and disadvantage of the Keil and STM ide.Did you recommend one of them. I want to change the ide and I am in 2 minds,Thank you in advance,S.Tarik

STM32Cube MCU Package vs Keil MDK packages

Hi, I am starting to use the STM32 MCUs, in specific, the STM32G0 series. I am planning to use the Keil IDE for developing. I have a question about the package that I must use. I have seen that there is to type of packages containing the CMSIS, LL an...

JNava.1 by Associate II
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Placing string in a fixed memory address on flash

I want to place a variable at a fixed address on my flash memory:#define MYDEF "abcdefg" const u8 MY_CHAR[] __attribute__((section(".ARM.__at_0x0blabla"))) = MYDEF;this works with KEIL IDE, but I switched to STM32CUBE IDE and it is not working. The ...

DGo.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Hi I am beginning using STM32CUbe IDE and I ant to migrate a Keil uBision project where I have a code calling two ASM functions.

these are the functions__asm void my_strcpy(const char *src, char *dst){loop   LDRB r2, [r0] ; Load byte into r2 from memory pointed to by r0 (src pointer) ADDS r0, #1 ; Increment src pointer   STRB r2, [r1] ; Store byte in r2 into memory pointed ...

HMero.1 by Associate II
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