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Help using SWD and NRST as GPIO safely - STM32G031

Hi, so I've chosen to use STM32G031J6M6 8-pin version for an audio level meter project to get me started. I'm using pin 1 as the adc input, 2 and 3 are 3v3 and gnd, obviously. I was hoping to use the remaining 5 pins as GPIO outputs attached to LEDs ...

NGD by Associate II
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Issue with running L152 discovery board + example.

I flashed the STM32 L152 discovery board with Cube IDE. I assume that if I run/debug the project with board plugged in, it will automatically upload the firmware. However, it shows as File download completeTime elapsed during download operation: 00:0...

ESHEE.1 by Associate
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SSD1306 on SPI

Hi all,Trying to setup SPI for ssd1306 in STM32CubeIDE based on the code from "afiskon" in Github.Problem is that I'm new to this processor and the IDE.Could someone please help me?I'm using the NUCLEO-F302R8 board and I have set up the following GPI...

JSven.2 by Associate II
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setting A15 in GPIOA->ODR (STM32F103C8T6)

I'm pulling my hair because in a GPIO->ODR = 0x7fff bit A15 is not going down to 0. At least cannot trigger it with the negative slope in pulseview/ (sigrok FX2 LA).A0-A3 are already programmed as outputs. This is the code in STM32CubeIDE:static void...