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Resolved! error: unknown type name '__root'

I am using below codes. But this define not supportted #define KeepInCompilation __root #define KeepInCompilation __root   /* Private function prototypes -----------------------------------------------*/ int Init (); KeepInCompilation int Write (uin...


Resolved! how to make keep ram value after software reset?

So i use to stm32cubeide & stm32h743zi. I want to create a variable that the system does not initailize even if the after software reset. just like __no_init in IAR.i follow this method. but i can't.

ikassma by Senior
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Resolved! Hi all.

I have created a project in IAR Embedded Workbench and it is working alright but now due to some reasons I have converted and debugging the same project with same buffer values in STM32cubeide but in this compiler it is showing "region RAM overflowed...

SGoel.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! Where to check final binary size on CubeIDE1.8.0?

Hello, I want to know final binary size after build like IAR.Currently final output os CubeIDE is Elf file, so I do not know what size it is.(When I use IAR, It showed final binary size on terminal and could also generate binary file.)Is there anyone...

Tiel by Associate II
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stm32cube ide and iar ide

I am using bno080 dev board with nucleo board.I have the code from github which is done in the IAR IDE. am using stm32cubeide....While initializing the project in IAR IDE they asked to enable i2c configur...

AR.7 by Associate II
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Resolved! SDIO eMMC access failed in SDIO_CK without division

Hello all.I use STM32F4 controller with eMMC external Flash.I use two IDEs:IAR version 8.30STM32CubeIDE version 5.2.0The access to eMMC external Flash succeeds while I use IAR IDE.The access to eMMC external Flash failed while I use STMCubeIDE with ...

Resolved! speed & code size stm32cubeIDE vs iar

hi i use of iar embedded workbench arm.But after seeing the ads and features of stm32cubeIDE, I used stm32cubeIDE for testing.There are two major drawbacks to stm32cubeIDE:1. The generated hex code is almost twice as long as iar(in flash memory).2- T...

kshin.111 by Associate III
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