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HardFault_Handler"Debug in STM32CubeIDE

 I am currently working on a project using the STM32F407G-DISC1 development board and STM32CubeIDE. The goal is to analyze the data and print the respiratory rate after continuously collecting ADC data for 10 seconds. However, I encountered some prob...

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名孫.1 by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H723ZG ADC on Nucleo board behaves not as expected

Hi there,I am using a Nucleo H723ZG and my ADC(s) behave weirdly.I need only one ADC, from the datasheet the ADC3 supports 5 MSPS.Since I needed the highest possible sampling rate, I've chosen this one.The data gets collected in one burst of 4096 12-...

Resolved! Signal Pass through using ADC and DAC

The equipment I am using is the following: Nucleo-Board L476RG, STM32CubeIde 1.10.1. I am attempting to design a simple dsp system that uses an ADC to send the data it receives from a function waveform generator to a DAC, and the DAC output will then...

JEscu.2 by Associate II
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How to write the ADC value in stm32f103

Hello Everyone ,Im KarthikI need one help:Im working in stm32 CUBE IDE Read the ADC value in A0 my code is working but I cant able to Write the adc value .This is my Code:/* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /** ********************************************...