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Resolved! L432KC - Encoder not counting?

I am trying to use a Nucleo L432KC board's hardware timers with a rotary encoder. Specifically I am trying to use TIM1, pins PA8 (D9) and PA9 (D1). I was originally hoping to use PlatformIO and the gianni-carbone/STM32encoder library, but when I coul...

HMorg.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Timer Cascade with STM32F411. Bug of F411 MCU?

Hi, there!Please help me !!!​I am testing Timer cascading with F411 Back pill on STM32CubeIDE.​TIM2 [Master] ---> TIM5 (or TIM9) [Slave]​There is no description on Periphral Interconnect Matrix feature in the STM32F4 manual (RM390), but I found the...

KAJIK.1 by Associate III
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SDRAM is configured with TIM6 as a tick source. While I am using GDB this interrupt continuously is interrupting the debug flow. How do we disable such interrupts in stm32cubeide ? This interrupt is continuously hogging gdb.

These stack gets called repetitively and does not let me debug.If I reduce the priority of the ticks then HAL_Delay does not work.I am in a fix here dont know what to do ?I have changed the tick priority also as shown in the figure.

0693W00000WKJ8WQAX.png 0693W00000WKJ87QAH.png 0693W00000WKJ8lQAH.png 0693W00000WKJ7xQAH.png
rohan_m by Senior
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