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Resolved! Optionally adjust the clock of the ADC

Hi I'm KIM from south Korea. My MCU is "STM32H735ZGT6". I want to change the clock of ADC1 within the code.I set up the clock of ADC1 in CUBEMX Clock Configuration about 80Mhz, but I want the clock of ADC1 about 75Mhz. How can I change the clock? Tha...

giwonKIM by Associate II
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Unable to Program My STM32G0B1

I tested PCB with BOOT_0 is Pulldown to gnd & not Pulldown to gnd & tested with both Stlink-V2 & J-Link Segger Even In Cube Programmer also it was not detected.The MCU In this Board is STM32G0B1CET6 & it was bought in element14, this is the first tim...

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Resolved! STM32 Cube IDE 1.15 USB Middleware Codegen Bug

Steps to reproduce:Create a new project with an STM32F779NIH processorEnable USB OTG highspeed (device only)Add USB_Device middleware (select any class)Generate the project codeInside the USB_DEVICE/App/usbd_desc.c file, the GetSerialNum(void) functi...

DrWidget by Associate II
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Resolved! ELF file and converted BIN far too large

Hi  I have an STM32L433CBT processor and created a project using STM32 IDE version 1.14. I created the project on STM32 MX version 6.9.1 .  The project works in debug and I created a release version , but the elf file is far too large. I have the fol...

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CAN1 communication doesnt work

Hi I'm very new in working with CAN-bus. My project involves two stm32 boards (both are nucleo-l433rc-p) and I want to get CAN-bus communication between them. The code is supposed to make a build in LED blink each time the blue button on the main nuc...

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Mr4 by Associate III
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Bootloader in STM32H753

Hi Team, I am trying to add a Secondary/custom bootloader in SBSFU. But not able to figure it out how to do it. I changed memory for active slot area and used the same area for custom bootloader in both linker file of both SBSFU and custom bootloader...