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Resolved! stm32g0b1 usb host (MSC) flash drive not working

I have a STM32G0B1VET on a test board and tried to use its USB host function to connect a flash drive. It just stuck at the function of "USBH_MSC_SCSI_Inquiry" in file "usbh_msc_scsi.c". It can't pass  the state of below:case BOT_CMD_WAIT:   error = ...

Resolved! Error in "stm32f103xb.h"?

When I compile my project from CubeMX generated project, I get the compile error:../../Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32F1xx/Include/stm32f103xb.h:658:29: error: expected identifier before '(' tokenNow that line reads:#define USB         ((USB_TypeDef *)...

PGild.1 by Associate III
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Host process of CDC (Virtual Port Com) does not work.

I am using STM32G0B1KC to make a CDC class USB Host.I selected in STM32CubeIDE, Mode=Host_Only (FS) in Connectivity - USB_DRD_FS and Communication Host Class (Virtual Port Com) in Middleware - USB_HOST.Before creating the user program, I checked the ...

JJ4IQV by Associate
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