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Converting Examples from SW4STM32 to CubeIDE

Successfully converted an ST32F769 aws IOT example 1-4-1 from SW4STM32 to CubeIDE by using the CubeIDE tool "Import SW4STM32 or TrueStudio project"Everything went fine and the example is working under CubeIde. So far so good.Now I try to add some of ...

ICohe.1 by Associate III
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Orphaned toolchain?

Help! I have been experimenting with STM32CubeIDE and a STM32H747i-Disco board for a few weeks now. All was going well, I was able to compile, modify and debug code. Then something went wrong and I had to re-install STM32CubeIDE, now I can't seem to ...

AStew.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Why no example code for STM32F0Discovery?

The STM32F0Discovery board comes with accompanying example source code, traditionally. However, now, the relevant download page advises that this is all provided by STM32Cube, but it is not. There is NO example code in the STM32CubeMX / IDE for this ...

Static Library for STM32H753

I am trying to generate a static library which calls FreeRTOS functions listed below -osThreadDef and osThreadCreateosSignalSet and osSignalWaitosDelayosMutexCreate System Workbench for STM32.Without including the FreeRTOS Utilit...

Can't create a workspace/project with the STM32CubIDE 1.3

Hi,When I try to create a new workspace in latest STM32CubeIDE 1.3, There is a split second where you see the small disc indicating processing, and then looks like it aborts and nothing happens.I notice that it can work with existing projects/ worksp...

WTom by Associate III
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There are a large number of existing STM32 sample projects set up to work with EWARM, MDK-ARM and SW4STM32. Even though use the migration guide for importing projects into STM32CubeIDE most of the time these projects do not import properly.

Are there any instructions on how to import an existing STM example project into STM32CubeIDE such that is can be built and deployed. At the moment its a very frustrating process that wastes lots of time and energy.