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Resolved! TouchGFX: UART to UI WITHOUT RTOS!!!

I am trying to display UART data received to UI WITHOUT RTOS but I am unsure how to code the model, I am getting error every time. I read the documentation and tried to reproduce the same thing but in vain. I watched a lot of videos on youtube but th...

Using a defined constant inside HAL_UART_Transmit

Hello,I'm using STM32 with STM32CubeIDEThis is my code:#define SOME_DATA 0x01 HAL_UART_Transmit ( & huart6 , SOME_DATA , 1 , 1000 ) ;The compiler issues the following warning :passing argument 2 of 'HAL_UART_Transmit' makes pointer from integer witho...

skon.1 by Senior
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After restart device UART_3 printing some rubbish ţ˙ţţţţţţţţüţüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüü

Dear,Microcontroler STM32H742 (stm32CubeIDE)When i plug out and plug in device, this printing on UART_3:ţ˙ţţţţţţţţüţüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüüor:ţNVT: FF FE FEţţ{FF}i this problem was not watched on same device with stm32F205(Rowley crossworks).I clear all b...

KWiśn.2 by Associate II
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Does STM32G070RBT6 MCU support USART(RS-232) software (XON/XOFF) flow control by default? If not, then after enabling HW flow control using .ioc file is there anything else that I will have to do to get the Hw flow control working?

I am using USART2 in DMA mode for Tx/Rx. I have attached the USART configuration after enabling HW flow control CTS/RTS. Are the configurations corrrect or do I have to modify anything?

AYada.8 by Associate
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Problem with UART and STM32F413ZH

Hello,i have a problem and hope that someone can help me. I've been trying to find a solution for days now and I'm just not able to get any further.I would like to set up a UART interface using register. Unfortunately nothing gets to the PC.What I ha...

JLask.1 by Associate
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