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SPI Receive interrupt callback not being called

I designed a breakout board for the STM32F401CEU6. (Schematic attached)I am using it to receive data from an ADC chip over SPI.The ADC chip has a data ready output which should be used as an interrupt pin to let the MCU know there is data available t...

MO'Su by Associate
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Can't get my STM32L496AG13 to run

I have a stm32L496AG13 on a custom BoardRunning code that was tested on a development board, in debug mode, the code crashed at random places during HAL initI worte a new program using STEMCubeIDE version 1.12.0 and put in a simple program: while (co...

DCato.1 by Associate II
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Hello, I try to understand interrupt priorities in STM32F0. In RM0091 there is table 36. In the second column, I can see priority values from 7 to 38. What are these values? How to set them in CubeIde?

 As far as I know, this MCU has only 4 levels (2bits). In CubeIde I can set only values 0,1,2,3. And the second question: if I set all levels to 0, in what priority interrupts will be served (according to table index?).

MZych.1 by Associate
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stm32 rx and tx interrupts interfere with each other

Hello,I am using STM32H743 Nucleo-144I have an RX EXTI interrupt which reads multiple SPI messages (a very busy channel)also, a TX interrupt which reads UDP messages dose small calculation and sends the new messages with SPI channel (pretty busy too)...

Mz.1 by Associate III
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