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Resolved! Implementing Arduino into CubeIDE

I have already spent hours trying to get the Arduino library working in my CubeIDE (1.12.0 IDE; latest STM32duino; Firmware F3 1.11.4). I set up all the include paths, and changed the arduino stuff, to point to the CubeIDE generated files. I had some...

Tobe by Senior III
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Resolved! how to setup STM32CubeIDE for stm32f334?

I have experience on using stm32f1 series. but now I need to work with stm32f334 and it looks very complicated!! where can I found a step by step guide to setup CubeIDE for stm32f334, especially to generate pwm using HRTIM?

MJavi.1 by Associate II
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How can I get a firmware for STEVAL-DPSLLCK1?

Hi, I am seung-woo.I bought two STEVAL-DPSLLCK1. How can I get a firmware for STEVAL-DPSLLCK1?In, STSW-DPSLLCK1 - STM32F334 full bridge LLC firmware package for STEVAL-DPSLLCK1 - STMicroelectronicsI was download "". However, in th...

Sbaek.1 by Associate
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SSD1306 on SPI

Hi all,Trying to setup SPI for ssd1306 in STM32CubeIDE based on the code from "afiskon" in Github.Problem is that I'm new to this processor and the IDE.Could someone please help me?I'm using the NUCLEO-F302R8 board and I have set up the following GPI...

JSven.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Unit tests in STM32CubeIDE

Currently I'm developing within the STM32CubeIDE for an STM32F373CC.I use the main.c as entry point into a wrapper and program all of the rest in C++. I generally try to keep any HAL code outside of simple classes that can be unit tested easily. Idea...

MMich.2 by Associate II
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