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CubeIDE project export to CMake ?

It is not a secret that lot of people dislike Eclipse. At very least, it is heavy and complicated for young students.Also it is understandable that ST has invested in CubeIDE heavily, and CubeMX is Java-based, and True Studio is well alive.So here is...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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Issues importing Atollic True Studio Project

When importing my old project from True Studio to Cube IDE I get the dialog where I need to specify the processor in use (see picture).From this dialog I can not move on, no matter what i choose, one of them, all of them or none of them, or in differ...

MBohm by Associate II
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could not convert atollic project into stm32cubeide

I checked some solutions in this community, but mine is special, there are totally no convert log produced, not response, no popup, no error message, I followed

0690X00000DYMe8QAH.png 0690X00000DYMdZQAX.png 0690X00000DYMdeQAH.png
adam.wu by Associate II
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Bug in the debugger?

Not sure whether this is a GDB or Eclipse behavior, or "feature" of debug info created by gcc compiler...Debugger in CubeIDE and Atollic refuses to display pointers to volatile.For example: volatile char *ptr = some_func();It always says that such po...

Pavel A. by Evangelist III
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