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Resolved! Implementing Arduino into CubeIDE

I have already spent hours trying to get the Arduino library working in my CubeIDE (1.12.0 IDE; latest STM32duino; Firmware F3 1.11.4). I set up all the include paths, and changed the arduino stuff, to point to the CubeIDE generated files. I had some...

Tobe by Senior III
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Nicla Vision board integration with STM32 based boards

I see Nicla Vision board having lot of potential but the board in and of itself cannot do enough.In order to open its potential, it should be able to talk to existing STM32(STM32F407 for e.g.) based boards through either SPI or UART interface.Do we h...

MSing.8 by Associate III
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arduino shiftIn function to STM32CubeIDE

I made a test code in arduino to read SSI. How can I make the shiftin function work correctly in the stm32 controllers? . In the stm32cubeIDE I can't manage to make it work like in the arduino ide.In the shiftin function the variables: data_pin, cloc...

YTimm.1 by Associate II
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