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STM32L476 EEPROM Emulation

I have followed the eeprom emulation described in X-CUBE-EEPROM expansion the solution was written using the old STM32 standard API. Does somebody knows about an EEPROM Emulation solution t...

RLeva.1 by Associate
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How to debug print with Nucleo L476RG board with st-link. I use printMsg command , it compiles Ok, but no output on itm window. I am using stm32cubemxide 1.01 to do this. Regards, Ronald.

I've made my own is 4 switches on gpio input's with interruptit switches 4 leds, so i you press switch 1 , led1 goes on , it works fine.But i want to see debug messages in ITM terminal screen and i don't het this up and running.hopefully some...

RHofm by Associate II
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Resolved! Jumping to random file after pressing Run button

Hello. When I press to Run (Run main.c) button, STM32CubeIDE opens random file, possibly, from current repository, for example: startup_stm32l452xx.s, core_cm4.h etc... Code is loading successful, but this side effect bothers me. I would like to dis...

"No rule to make target" error after STM32CubeIDE update

After update today STM32CubeIDE from v1.7.0 on 1.8.0 and after Debug the projectI was get this error information:make: *** No rule to make target '../Core/Startup/startup_stm32l476rgtx.s', needed by 'Core/Startup/startup_stm32l476rgtx.o'. Stop.I work...

MCUpwr by Associate III
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