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Resolved! Errors in STM32CubeIDE firmware update offline.

Hi,I have a problem with STM32CubeIDE firmware update. STM32CubeIDE wants me to download stm32cube firmware f7_v1.16.0. I downloaded manually this update file offline because of the system have no internet connection. I moved the whole STM32CubeFW-F...

AK47 by Associate II
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Still fighting to setup SWO trace on STM32H7

Hello,A few months ago I tried without success to setup ITM on a STM32H753I-EVAL2 board (and STM32CubeIDE). Now I'm trying again. There is a precise point I'm not sure about: the signal SWO is multiplexed on GPIO PB3, so I have to setup PB3 with alte...

Gpeti by Senior II
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NUCLEO-F756ZG ethernet CubeIDE configuration

Hello all!help needed! For last week I try to make UDP server on NUCLEO-F756ZG.I am stuck in the beginning...I can't configure my board to ping it.From reading old threads I understand that there was an issue with automatic ethernet configuration of ...

AKhar.5 by Associate II
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SD card project

I am developing project using SD card on custom board but had some difficulties, so I am learning by using the f746g-disco, the example project provided in CubeMX worked (except for Sandisk XC card), then I followed exactly this example (https://comm...

XLin.2 by Associate II
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FreeRTOS + LwIP in C++ project on STM32F7

Hello everyone,I want to get 4Diac Forte, which will be added as a static library, working on my Nucleo F767Zi.I need FreeRTOS with LwIP, so I created a base Project in CubeIDE with FreeRTOS+LwIP which was running fine.Since the library I want to add...

Resolved! Why is SWV not working but my serial monitor is?

I'm running CubeIDE version: 1.12.1 on an Apple Mac (OSx).My board is a STM32f769i-DISCO.I've configured the code as given in numerous examples and I can printf() without issue to an external serial port monitor. The serial monitor is one integrated ...

SFent.3 by Associate II
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