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Resolved! Signal Pass through using ADC and DAC

The equipment I am using is the following: Nucleo-Board L476RG, STM32CubeIde 1.10.1. I am attempting to design a simple dsp system that uses an ADC to send the data it receives from a function waveform generator to a DAC, and the DAC output will then...

JEscu.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! How do we run inbuilt DAC of STM32 using MATLAB Simulink?

DAC block is not directly available on MATLAB Simulink. We tried interfacing CubeIDE with Simulink using S-Function builder but were not able to run. We are facing problem in creating S-function. Any idea on how to do so directly or indirectly would ...

AAgra.5 by Associate
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Resolved! How do i use Generated types in my linked library?

Hi Coders,i have added a library trough linked folders (Source location-> Link Folder..) where most of my code is in that i want to re-use in several projects.But often i see that type's generated by the code generator (ioc) are not "seen" by my libr...

sde c.1 by Senior II
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TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler Roution error.....?

Hai...,We have use to STM32F746IGT customboard and 7 inch displayCreat the code using CubeMX , TouchGFX, CubeIDE, While debugging HAL_Init(); and go to TIM6_DAC_IRQHandler (); and it's not retan,For TIM6 used to Timebase Soure: TIM6.Please give idea...

GMano.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32G473 DAC3 to OPAMP output stuck at low.

I'm trying to generate a signal from DAC3 (connected only to internal peripherals) from my G473 and output that value through OPAMP1 in follower mode. The output of the pin of the OPAMP is stuck at low forever however. I set the DAC from CUBEIDE as s...

RAnge.1 by Associate
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the gap between DAC DMA stop and start

Hi allI know the question title sounds weird but here is the actual thing I would like to know about.So, I have an array of 1000 bytes which I apparently use in the HAL_DAC_START_DMA function, and then start the DAC DMA trigger timer. This works supe...

0693W000007BxjAQAS.png 0693W000007Bxj5QAC.png
Mr ZEE by Associate II
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Resolved! Findout pin assignments on CubeIDE

How can I find out on a written program on CubeIDE that which pin of the microcontroller is used for different peripherals like ADC, Timer, DAC and so on?

SalPaz by Associate II
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