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Microphone and sd card with sensortie box pro

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I am experiencing significant challenges with programming the SensorTile Box Pro. I successfully loaded the base firmware STSW-MKBOXPRO Expert Mode v1.1.1 and managed to retrieve data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and temperature sensor via USB. However, I am facing two issues:


1. When I attempt to add microphone data to the other sensors' data flow, I encounter a problem. After uploading the new flow, which includes Fourier-transformed microphone data, the SensorTile no longer appears among the devices connected via USB. Could you please assist me with this?


2. My second issue concerns data saving to an SD card, which does not seem to be working. Despite leaving the SensorTile Box running overnight to log data, the newly created output.csv file on the SD card is timestamped "31/12/2016 at 13:00" and is only 1KB in size. When opened in Excel, the file is empty except for the columns labeled by data type. I also tried using the Datalog2 firmware, and although it saves files in a folder labeled with the date and time, each file (supposedly representing a type of data) is an unreadable DAT file. Could you please help me resolve this issue?


Thank you for your assistance.



Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @Frabbit ,

Can you detail the flow used: what inputs did you configure and how was the FFT configured? And can you detail the flow used to configure the SD log? What inputs and what function? Still the microphone and the FFT?

About your second question, please follow these steps:

  • git clone --recurse-submodules (or download zip from release section)
  • go to fp-sns-datalog2/Utilities/HSDPython_SDK/
  • depending on your OS, open and read the correct readme file
  • proceed with Python3.10 and HSDPython_SDK installation
  • you can use the GUI or use Utilities/HSDPython_SDK/examples/ to convert the logged data

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