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Microphone self noise IMP34DT05

Hello,I'm using the IMP34DT05 microphone and it records fine but there is always a noise overlapped and it is very annoying.I have tried recording the background noise in anechoic chamber (see attached audio, high-pass filter alpha is 0.98). Do you k...

frnt by Senior
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Sensor tile box

We got Sensor tile box and they were working fine until we uploaded this: bluetooth. Now they are not visible on the app ST ble sensor. How to update the original firmware on the sen...

plawat by Associate III
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Resolved! How do you install PDM library ?

I struggle to use PDM Filter library.This is the message error I get : What I have done so far are : - in project properties, C/C++ general, Paths and syombols, in "Includes" I added the path to pdm2pcm_glo.h ; in "Library Paths" I added the path to ...

0693W00000KbhBQQAZ.png 0693W00000KbhEyQAJ.png
EEnco.1 by Associate III
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LSM9DS1 with linux kernel 6.1.46

Hello,We have been using the LSM9DS1 in our own design with Linux kernel 4.19.x by adding drivers from ST github, and using the iio_generic_buffer tool to read values.Now we are upgrading to linux kernel 6.1.46 and I have checked that the drivers are...

Angel1 by Associate II
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CS control LIS2DH

In the project I use Attiny13a) + LIS2DH SPI interface. One leg of the microcontroller is missing. Is it possible in SPI mode to connect the CS pin directly to GND, and not to the microcontroller port.In I2C mode there are enough pins, everything wor...

Artem777 by Associate
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LSM6DSL SPI read as in tsw-fcu001.html

Hi I was looking at how a register read works for LSM6DSL found the function below. Does the number/amount of __asm("dsb\n") correspond to SPI clk?Is there no easier way to do this? Like using ...

MK..1 by Associate III
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LSM6DSO32 resonance frequency

Hello there,What is the resonance frequency of the LSM6DSO32 accelerometer and gyroscope?It is not available in the datasheet. I tried to open a customer support tickets but they just forwarded me to this forum. 

mk390d by Associate
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