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Resolved! LIS3DH - Error in C-Driver-MEMS

The Standard C platform-independent drivers for MEMS motion and environmental sensors LIS3DH Temperature Sensor is connect...

MotionFD and SensorTile compatibility

Hello ST Community,I would like to ask if the (1)SensorTile and/or (2) are compatible with the MotionFD library?According to the MotionFD user manual, the library uses Accelerometer and Pressure Sensor data to detect a fall, which both ...

DIM by Associate II
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LIS3DH don't send ACK at 9th clock pulse

I am using LIS3DH accemelator to acuqire gravity data. The MCU is NXP MKL16. LIS3DH's pin8 CS is set to high level to communicate with I2C protocol, and pin7 SA0 is set to connect to GND. The SCL and SDA pins are pull up with 4.7K resisttors. After ...


LIS2DH12 INT1 not sending interrupts

I am trying to configure the LIS2DH12 to send free-fall interrupts but I have not been able to successfully see any interrupts. Here are the register values that I set:CTRL1(0x20) = 0x47 (ODR = 50hz, XYZ enabled)INT1_THS(0x32) = 0x40INT1_DUR...

RKrei by Associate
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LSM6DSOX: 3 vs 4 wire SPI configuration

Hello, this should be a basic question but I am pretty new in this field. What are the core difference between a 3 and a 4 wir SPIe configuration for LSM6DSOX? Apart from electrical connection, is there any difference in Firmware design, capabilities...

ANist by Associate III
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