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Resolved! schematics

Hi,I have a from ST. But unfortunately there is no board schematics in the product resources part! I appreciate if some one help and let me know about it.Kind regards

Am1 by Associate
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Why dose VL53L0 measure anormal value after a long time?

I use Arduino Uno and VL53L0 sensor appliction board.I measure a distance long time. (8h or more) But after some time(maybe after 1h or more), it measure distance but it is anormal.for example, normal status distance is 100-120mm, but after some tim...

SBae.2 by Associate
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HTS221 Temperature measuring

Hi,we are using HTS221TR. In the datasheet it is not clear what is the temperature range what the sensor can measure -40...85? +15°C....40?

Software reset of VL6180X sensor.

Hello,I have multiple VL6180X sensors which are handled by i2c multiplexor. Once I power up the sensor and configure it I can get measurements, but after MCU reset or switch the power I cannot get new measurements anymore. And the same problem with a...

LIS2DH12 Direction Recognition Interrupt

In the datasheet, for the INT1_CFG register, it says:AOI-6D = ‘11’ is direction recognition. An interrupt is generated when the orientation isinside a known zone. The interrupt signal remains while the orientation is inside the zone.I want to be able...

KYeo.1 by Associate II
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