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Resolved! INT2 (DRDY) pin is high all the time

Hello,i want lis2hh12 to scan for x,y and z-value with 10Hz.When signals are ready i want to get a DRDY signal on INT2.When i read out the data via SPI the INT2 shall become low.My problem is that INT2 is high and it never goes low.My configuration:C...

HTimm.1 by Associate II
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Alternative IMU for ISM330DHCX, but with CAN interface...

Hi,I am developing an autonomously navigating robot that uses IMU for Localization and Mapping... a typical ML/Self-driving car application. I was looking for IMUs having accelerometer with +-2g sensitivity. The [INEMO-M1](

PDand.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Unit of minimum threshold in LIS2DS12

Hello ST community,In LIS2DS12 application note, section 5.9.1, it is mentioned that the minimum threshold can be set where 1 LSB = FS/64. I would like to confirm if the value in this register has the unit of g. Also, if +- 2g is the selected full sc...

AB.4 by Associate II
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Application example for step counter using LIS2DS12

Hello ST community,I would like to know if there are examples available for configuring LIS2DS12 for pedometer applications. I see that the Github examples (

AB.4 by Associate II
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Does support mesh ble networks?

Hi everyone, I am trying to develop a mesh network using many, is it possilbe to use STSW-BNRG-Mesh with If it is not possible how is there any SDK available for Mesh networks using Sensortile.Box?Thank you.

LMaga.2 by Associate
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