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LIS3DH in FIFO mode gives garbage output

I'm trying to configure a LIS3DH to trigger INT1 after filling FIFO, after which I want to read out everything over I2C and then repeat.I've gotten it to work (at f=10 Hz, I get INT1 interrupts at the expected ~3 sec interval), but when I read out th...

BLind.3 by Associate
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LPS22HH Atmospheric pressure strange temperature changes.

I started to evaluate LPS22HH using STEVAL-MKI109V3, STEVAL-MKI192V1, Pressure LPS22HH Kit, and Unico-GUI. Of the 4 STEVAL-MKI192V1 I purchased, the atmospheric pressure of 2 devices shows strange temperature changes.LPS22HH press =4.3268t+879.71[hpa...

tsuna by Associate II
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Reading data asynchronously from I3G4250D

Hi all,I'm trying to read output data from a I3G4250D gyrometer, but despite everything I've done, I can't get rid of data corruption during asynchronous reads.The corruption seems to be caused by the registers being updated while we're reading data ...

LPats.1 by Associate II
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[MotionAR] Requirements and configuration for STM32F4

Hi,Since past few days I am working with MotionAR library to detect activity type using accelerometer. In my configuration Cortex M4F core is used as a main processing unit. During code project development I have come across some mismatch between doc...

patlas by Associate
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Resolved! How do you use a memsmic1 example ?

Hey ! I'm trying to use the "microphone streaming' with stm32wb55 in memsmic1 expansion package but I struggle to do it (i'm new to stm32cubeide).First, I import project from file system and I get this :I click on finish and I get this :Here I cannot...

0693W00000KcNkmQAF.png 0693W00000KcNkrQAF.png 0693W00000KcNlQQAV.png
EEnco.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Bluetooth pairing request: "Enter the code shown"

I am trying to connect the to my iPhone using the ST BLE Sensor app. However, when I go to "Connect to a device" in the app and select the that I have, the app asks me to enter a code to connect to the box. What is this ...

LWang.7 by Associate
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