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Usage of lis2dw12 to detect shaking

Greetings.We are developing a device that will be needed to detect a back and forth shaking motion (not too unlike that of a cocktail shaker), sending a interrupt (we cannot afford to use polling unfortunately) to a MCU every time the device experien...

IFant.1 by Associate II
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LIS2DW does not work properly

Hi,I am using nRF52805 with LIS2DW.LIS2DW is connected to nRF52805 with general GPIO, not I2C port.I am emulating GPIO to I2C protocol.SDA and SCL pin is pull-up to 100K resistors.After initializing LIS2DW, no need to use I2C bus.But, in this case, s...

Paul.Lee by Associate III
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Resolved! Unable to read any register on the LIS2DW12

Hi,​I'm trying to interface a nrf52840 DK with a LIS2DW12. I'm using the ST-Eval board for the IMU. ​I'm able to read the WHO_AM_I register and it gives the correct value(0x44). I tried setting the IMU to 100Hz and the high performance mode. When i t...

GTS.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! ISM303 for Tilt-compensated compass application

Hi, Can we use ISM303 for a Tilt-compensated compass application? When checking the 'Applications' in datasheet, 'Tilt-compensated compasses' is not mentioned in the datasheet of ISM303, but it is mentioned in the datasheet of LSM303, which are both ...

AJame.3 by Associate
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Resolved! LSM6DSO - not reading back what i've written. SW reset issue.

Hi,I'm trying to configure an LSM6DSO (sparkfun breakout), using a TWIM/I2C bus, master device is a nordic NRF52.For the most part, the communications appear to be working. I'm able to configure an interrupt to respond to a single tap. The interrupt ...

shows.1 by Associate
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